Aftermath of Second Punic War

Aftermath of Second Punic War - jAftermath of Second Punic...

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jAftermath of Second Punic War Severe loss of man-power Deprivation of land Disloyal were punished Citizenship expanded Increasing wealth and slavery o More lavish lifestyles More imitation of Greek world o “Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit” o Greece, one captured, captured the fierce victor. Macedonian Wars o 215 – 205 BCE o 200 – 196 o 171 – 168 Material wealth from Greek to Roman - influence Opposing movements o Hellenophilia – love of all things Greek Influence is profound! o Hellenophobia – conservative backlash against that Romans are FIERCE , not cultured [effeminized?]! o Reverse cultural imperialism Development of Latin Literature Latins trace literature to 240 BCE o Livius Andronicus adapted play from Greek model Poetry (lyric, epic, etc.) Encompassed history, and rhetoric (broader sense) Quintus Ennius (239 – 169 BCE) o Wrote tragedies, comedies, and epic poetry on Rome Titus Maccius Plautus [250/5 – 184 BCE] o 21 authentic plays Comedy o Masks were worn by males and were different “types” Clever slave / parasite o Derived from Greek comedy directly Palliatae – Roman comedy in Greek dress o Musical accompaniment Tibiae – flutes Ancient literature is conventional o How you deal with the conventional determines the play Terrance NEXT DAY!
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Fabula Palliata o Story adaptations in Greek context o Greek new comedy Adapted particularly by Menander Reference to Roman contemporary issues Topical humor Culturally specific [short-lived] Transhistorical humor Plautus o Contains lots of transhistorical humor Puns Slapstick Mistaken identity [twins!] o Musical element o Iambic (length of the vowel) just like ancient poetry Very metrical (particular rhythm) o Speaker gives plot of the play Helps audience follow o Plays put at the great ludi (games) Religious festivals (chariot racing, etc) o Names mean something Didley – Peniculo – Menitip-pmus Other brother brought up in Syracus
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Aftermath of Second Punic War - jAftermath of Second Punic...

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