augustus - o Brings back tradition of games to be held as...

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Book 12 SPARKNOTEESSSSS Theme of young death (Pro-Roman, Pro-Augustan message) Makes even the enemy Turnus sympathetic Augustus Second Settlement (23) o Very secure position Tradition v. innovation Republic v. principate o Princeps position held by Augustus o Seriously considered restoring the Republic after a while o Imperial cult Augustales – free men Moral regeneration – return Rome to its original ways! (religion, militarism, etc.) o Laws to make divorce more difficult and punish adultery Ludi Saeculares
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Unformatted text preview: o Brings back tradition of games to be held as religious celebration • Major building program o Restored >100 temples o Imperial fora • Res Gestae o Funeral inscription of his life and accomplishments o Re-built the Senate house o Built the theater of Marcellus • Possible successors o Marcellus Dies o Agripa Dies in 12 BC of natural causes o Grandchildren: Gaius - dies Lucius – dies o Tiberius – Livius’s son Livi was scheming evil mother?...
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