Clodius - 49 - Civil War begins! o Caesar marches southward...

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Clodius Killed Leads to violence in Rome Burning of the Senate Houst Titus Annius Milo Put on trial on 52 Pompey was elected sole Consul [dictator] Cicero Cicero delivers a speech badly (nervous about troops / political tensions) in defense of Milo Milo was found guilty and sent to exile Cicero refers to Pompey since he is important Cicero’s speech o Calls attention to Rome’s violence o Violent mob supports Cloudius over Milo and vice versa o Justifiable homicide Civil unrest between elite competition 56 – Luca – First triumvirate renewed and Caesar given 5 year leadership Tension between Pompey and Caesar Caesar forced to run for consul to avoid prosecution [Pompey stops fighting for Caesar] Pompey given commission to raise troops of state against Caesar 49 – Attempts to compromise (brought Marc Anthony as tribune) SCU (Senatus Consultum Ultimatum) Could do whatever they wanted to get rid of Caesar 49 - Caesar crosses Rubicon into Roman Italian territory o “Alea iacta est” – The die have been cast
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Unformatted text preview: 49 - Civil War begins! o Caesar marches southward towards Italy with Clementia Clemency (didnt punish Pompey supporters on the way) Pompey had lots of supporters at the East o Raised Greek allies against Caesar o Left to East but left his money! Early 40s Caesar was superior general than Pompey Caesar goes to Spain first and defeats Pompeyans Back to Italy and then East Battle of Dracium Pompeys only real chance 48 Caesar definitive victor Pompey flees to Egypt to Ptolemy XIII, but Ptolemys men kill him on the shore of Egypt Caesar arrives and is greeted warmly, shown Pompeys head, and Caesrar seems disappointed since he believed in peace Pompeys men continue to fight (Cato Uticensis commits suicide b/c cant work under Caesar in North Africa) Battles of Thapsus and Munda Caesar has an affair and child with Cleopatra!...
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Clodius - 49 - Civil War begins! o Caesar marches southward...

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