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First part: Midterm – End of class (10 questions) Constantine Fall of Roman empire Two Essays – cumulative Republic and Imperial period o Relationship between both Decline / fall of Rome Julian (361 – 363) Battle of Adrianople o Disastrous military defeat o Valens become foederati (official allies) Even into 5 th century, the empire was quite robust. o Overcame economic difficulties Huns were defeated by Haitius Vandals, Franks, and Barbarians in general settle in Western part of empire West broken up into fabric of different people while East remained unified Administrative structures ceases to exist and is replaced by other empires Sacks of Rome o First was morally devastating o Second in 455 by Vandals
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Unformatted text preview: Devastating Rise of Barbarians and Germanic Decline of living standards o Present in Rome itself o Loses so much population o Less building o Fewer inscriptions Romulus Augustulus o Romulus the little Augustulus o Last emperor o 476 Last of Roman emperors Theodoric king Decline / fall of west o Justinian 6 th century eastern Roman emperor 482 565 Rules from 527 - 565 In Istanbul, church was built under him Recovers Africa Bellosarius Tries to recover Italy Ostragoths come back and take it By the end of 6 th century, Romes population decreases to 20 30 thousand...
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