End of Punic War

End of Punic War - Fighting is too much for him o 195...

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End of Punic War Spain is under Roman control again Hannibal is still in Italy! Carthage is finally in favor of peace in 201. Scipio demands that Carthage must meet in order for Rome to agree to peace. Carthaginians reject treaty and say that Hannibal must take troops and return to Africa o Hannibal is in distress – major blow for Hannibal after 15 years o Regret for Hannibal Armistice is broken Quintus Fabius Maximus dies due to natural causes Forces of Scipio and Hannibal have a final battle o Roman anxiety surrounding it o Romans have home court advantage o Hannibal and Scipio actually meet! Imperialism – expanding power to dominate Hannibal recognizes that too much success can lead to rash decisions o Hannibal becomes wiser upon recognizing his failure o Scipio does not accept this Zama (202) o Culminating battle of Second Punic War o Hannibal escapes battlefield o Scipio wins!
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Terms of victory o Carthaginians now live as free individuals o No war inside Africa without Rome’s consent Hannibal? o
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Unformatted text preview: Fighting is too much for him o 195 Voluntary exile from Carthage and goes to todays Turkey and to Armenia where he tries to raise an army o Betrayed and killed Scipio triumphs and receives cognomen Africa RECAP Historiography (writing, graphing, etc.) o Fictionalized yet based on true rhetoric Regal Period o Seven kings Romulus Numa Tullus Hostilius Ancus Marcius Tarquin Priscus Servius Tarquin the Proud o Conflicts with Etruscans o Succession conflicts o Monarchy Birth of Republic o Brutus dull witted o Lucretia o Death of Brutuss sons Puts his own sons to death because of Tarquins o Lars Porsena o Horatius Cocles bridge o Scaevola Definition of Republic, Offices of Republic Struggle of the orders o 494 General strike o Decemvirs in 450s Twelve tables Roman expansion, militarism o Veii o Cincinnatus o Appius Claudius o Hannibal o Scipio(s) especially son Roman religion...
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End of Punic War - Fighting is too much for him o 195...

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