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Five Good Emperors

Five Good Emperors - Comes out the victor Septimus...

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“Five Good Emperors” o Nerva o Trajan o Hadrian o Antoninus Pius o Marcus Aurelius Despotic behavior by Commodus When he died, he endured a Damnatio Memoria (erasure of memory!) After his death, we come to year of five emperors! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_of_the_Five_Emperors 193: Year of Five Emperors Decide to auction off the position of Principate! Pertinax – takes over briefly (86 days) but killed by Praetorians Didius Julianus pays the most money and becomes next! o Tried to institute organization – Thus killed o People appalled by him Three generals who become next emperors – Replay of year 68! (problem of succession!) o Pescennius Niger o Clodius Albinus o Septimius Severus (146 – 211)
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Unformatted text preview: Comes out the victor! Septimus Severus (146 – 211) – reign 193 - 211 • Born in Leptis Magna – would later reconstruct • Remarried Julia Domna after his first wife died o Had two children: Caracalla and Geta • Grew fatally ill and dies in 211 • Caracalla has Geta killed and damnatio memoria • Caracalla now takes full control until 217 until he is assassinated by an officer • Macrinus comes next, and then Elagabalus Elagabulus (218 – 222) • Although he’s Syrian, he worshipped a monotheistic cult named Elah-Gabal o Thus, where his name comes from Alexander Severus (222 – 235) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Severan_dynasty...
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