Five Good Emperors

Five Good Emperors - Comes out the victor! Septimus Severus...

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“Five Good Emperors” o Nerva o Trajan o Hadrian o Antoninus Pius o Marcus Aurelius Despotic behavior by Commodus When he died, he endured a Damnatio Memoria (erasure of memory!) After his death, we come to year of five emperors! 193: Year of Five Emperors Decide to auction off the position of Principate! Pertinax – takes over briefly (86 days) but killed by Praetorians Didius Julianus pays the most money and becomes next! o Tried to institute organization – Thus killed o People appalled by him Three generals who become next emperors – Replay of year 68! (problem of succession!) o Pescennius Niger o Clodius Albinus o Septimius Severus (146 – 211)
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Unformatted text preview: Comes out the victor! Septimus Severus (146 211) reign 193 - 211 Born in Leptis Magna would later reconstruct Remarried Julia Domna after his first wife died o Had two children: Caracalla and Geta Grew fatally ill and dies in 211 Caracalla has Geta killed and damnatio memoria Caracalla now takes full control until 217 until he is assassinated by an officer Macrinus comes next, and then Elagabalus Elagabulus (218 222) Although hes Syrian, he worshipped a monotheistic cult named Elah-Gabal o Thus, where his name comes from Alexander Severus (222 235)
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