Issue of manpower

Issue of manpower - • Origin: probably Etruscan •...

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Issue of manpower Romans relied on own citizens Investment in Rome to fight for Rome Differents kinds of towns o Coloniae – new towns founded on conquered lands o Municipia – existing towns taken over by Romans, retain own civic civilization Bound by treaty to supply troops Subject to taxes Don’t have full citizenship (can’t vote, no protection under Roman law) Becomes an issue! Could not wage wars without Rome’s agreement Gladiator ~3 rd century, First Punic War (264 BC) at Brutus’s funeral Not every fight resulted in death but mostly instead in injury First prisoners of war Then skilled weapon fighters o Attended ludi (gladiator school) for years – great investment Gathering and watching fights to the death Gladiators – conditioned to show how to be stalwart in face in danger o Reinforce virtus Roman culture was much more violent
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Unformatted text preview: • Origin: probably Etruscan • Coliseum wasn’t built until 80 AD o Temporary buildings were made to fight Scipio Africanus Publius Cornelius Scipio • Encouraged Romans of going intobattle (p. 42) Hannibal • Degenerates enemy • Brings back First Punic War to encourage people against Romans • Defending against agressors • Rewards tax free land o Slaves could go free • Romans believed in omens! (p. 62-3) At Siciliy, Tiberus Sempronius is successful and gains Cartheginan navy and joins Scipio Wins and becomes overly excited Rationus vs Second Punic War 1. Trabea 2. Lake Trasimene • Narrow path • Completely surrounded by Carthegenians • Terrible loss by Romans 3. Cannae Gaius Flaminius – second counsel embodying rationus Gnaeus serulius – caution Narrow path...
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Issue of manpower - • Origin: probably Etruscan •...

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