Julio - o 15 BCE Tiberius transfers elections to senate. o...

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Julio-Claudians Principes Don’t want to call huge amount of attention for extreme power. “Imperator” comes in. Creates tension. Seek for Republican frame Livia – Augustus’s third wife o Livia had two boys: Tiberius and Drusus Drusus had two kids: Germanicus and Claudius Gernmanicus had a kid: Caligula Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus o General serves under Augustus (centralized) o Tiberius and Augustus had a difficult relationship. o Gaius (?) adopts so that he may succeed o Civil unrest. o Praetorian Guard – force of bodyguards o Tiberius falls in love with position as princeps and starts to become un-republican.
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Unformatted text preview: o 15 BCE Tiberius transfers elections to senate. o Popular participation o Institutes treason trials. Acccused of treason if plotting against emperor or slander. Move from freedom of speech to tyrannical. o 26 leaves for Island of Capri and never returns to Rome o Sejanus gets much more power o Sejanuus was killed and replaced, Tiberius assassinated in 37 AD o Caligula succeeds Means Little Boot because he would sit in his fathers (Germanicuss) military boot. Lucius Aelius Sejanus o Prateorian prefect o 12 41 CE o Has army gather seashells (mental illness?)...
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