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Pompey - Pompey Crassus Caesar Cicero Cato[the younger...

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Pompey Crassus Caesar Cicero Cato [the younger] – grandson of Cato the Elder Believed in authority of senate Ideological purity Destructive to Republic and his own position Stoic (no free will) Powerful member of Optimates[ At his highest point called pater patriae (father of the country) Pompey defeats Mithridates and took much of Middle East and returns to Rome Caesar held the Praetorship Pompey wants all of his actions pardoned by Senate o Promises men land, wants Senate to approve o Cato leads the senate in bickering Pomerium – border Crassus had been involved with tax collector Ceasar returns from Spain, wants triumph and to stand for Consulship o Had to enter city, but had a border (Pomerium) that general couldn’t cross before he stepped down o Also couldn’t step down and then have a Triumph o Cato says he can’t have both o Gives up generalship to become consulship (angry)
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o Wants supporters of Pompey and Crassus o
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