Quiz 3 - Septimus Severus o Severus made reforms on army o...

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Quiz (~ 347) Year of the four emperors Rulers: o Galba o Otho o Vitellius o Vaspasian Larger theme: Problem of succession! o Later with Commidus, year of five emperors, etc. o Not seen from Tragian from Marcus Aerillius (adoptive emperors) Adoption not an official policy Flavians Rulers: o Vespasian o Titus o Domitian Building program o Most obvious: Coliseum, circus, theatre., temple of peace Lex dei imperial vasiani o What powers the emperor has Domitian (Imperial system) [81 - 96] Different groups who can make emperors (Pretorian guard, army, people, Senate) The Good Emperors Rulers [96 – 180]: o Nerva o Trajan o Hadrian o Antoninus Pius o Aerelius Civil peace, harmony, prosperity o Trajan: forum (with markets) o Hadrian: architecture (Pantheon) – real helenophilia Commodus – succession Gladiator, Hercules
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Den natio memoriae Year of five emperors Rulers: o Pertinax o Julianus o Niger, Albinus, and Severus Severan dynasty (from North Africa)
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Unformatted text preview: Septimus Severus o Severus made reforms on army o Victory arch Caracalla o Killed Eligabalus cousin o Monotheistic worship o Killed in 222 Alexander Severus o Good, peaceful o Disciplinarian with army (killed by them) o Military and political instability Merging Diacletian (284 305) Founder of New Rome Dominate Tetrarchy o Mobile power o Codified succession o In the west: Maximian and Constantius o In the east: Diocletian (Vicars) and Galerius (Governors) Reorganization of new state Constantine (306 337) Receives the Chirho sign which he believes is vital 313 Edict of Milan all religions are to be tolerated Christianity is vital to him - baptized Defeats Byzantium and creates Constantinople o Imperial seats are moved from Rome to Byzantium o Rome covered as political center...
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Quiz 3 - Septimus Severus o Severus made reforms on army o...

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