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REVIEW for midterm - Sources o Material architecture coins...

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Sources o Material, architecture, coins, literature, etc. o Literary text ( Livy and Cicero , Terrane and Plautus) o Livy and Cicero [consul] First century resource Nature of historiography Desire to reconstruct events of past; flexibility of ancient historians History = rhetoric Affection of audience Fictionalized speeches Catilinarians [stir up Senate and Forum to respond to Cataline] Philippics (14) [persuade Antony and other senators to go back to Republican form] Ancient orator (emphasis to speak well) for social advancement Speech for Pompey for command to face Mithradates Origins of Rome o Livy tells the tale of Rome o Ancestor of Romulus and Remus o 753 BCE – Founding of Rome o After Romulus kills Romus – king Romus – Tarquin the Proud o Etruscans Conflicts with them Great influence on Rome Religion, engineering Draining of Forum (swamp) Tarquins come from Turria Growing influence on Rome Conflict between the two Remember kings! o Romulus o Numa o Tullus Hostilius o Tarquinius Priscus Etruscan birth o Servius o Tarquin the Proud Important Individuals / Events
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o Romulus Rape of the Sabines Need to rape women to create more people Religious festival to abduct women o Rape of Lucretia (509 BCE) Idea that Tarquinius is heading towards despotism [Lucretia later committed suicide] Brutus incentive to kill Caesar later on o 509 BCE – Traditional date of founding of the Republic o Lars Porsenna Figure who Tarquins go for support to regain throne o Scaevola Sticks hand in fire Lars Porsenna lets him free o Horatii – Three Romans chosen to do battle with three Etruscans (two Horatii die, one brother cuts them all down) One of the brothers was conspirator and tried to get Tarquins back on throne o Cincinnatus 458 – dictator Roman ability and strength Modest individual to do good Republic o Equal protection under law for all citizens o Popular elections o Positions: o Elected: Consul [2] – leads army Praetors – judicial
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REVIEW for midterm - Sources o Material architecture coins...

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