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Roman Civilization Quiz #1 Historiography (writing, graphing, etc) Writing of history o Ancient history – more like historical fiction rather than on facts o o Obsessed with moral decline of Rome Provide models of excellent and ideal Roman Freedom to make up speeches – nonexistent yet plausible Resources? o Other historians (later ones echoed early ones) o Inscriptions o Public monuments o Archaeology o Historical judgment Regal Period Foundation of Rome – 753 BC – Ab Urbe Condita o Seven hills to unified city state o Cultural power from Etruscans o Involved in trade, esp. with Greeks o Aeneas flee Troy o Pietas – sense of duty to family and Roman state Seven kings o Romulus Twin son (with Remis) of Numitor who was raped by Mars Amulius lets them die but a she-wolf suckles them Risen by Faustulus, a shepherd Romulus kills Remis and becomes first king of Rome! Rape of Sabine Women Needed women to expand Rome with children o Numa o Tullus Hostilius o Ancus Marcius o Tarquinius Priscus Etruscan birth o Servius
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o Tarquin the Proud Conflicts with Etruscans o Wars against them to double size o Conquered Rome o Defied imposed rules Succession conflicts o Tarquin assassinated Servius (his very own son-in-law) Monarchy o Governed by kings [imperium] o Elected by people to serve for life o Senate possesses little power Birth of Republic Lucretia
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Study Guide #1 - R oman Civilization Quiz#1 H...

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