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The Aemid - Venus questions if sons suffering will end...

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The Aemid (Dactylic) Iambic hexameter – metric line of verse of six feet (standard classical Latin literature) Mission of Rome to become a world power. Virgil: Rome “fated” to have this power (nationalistic poem, not propaganda) Emphasizes human struggle and labor behind founding Rome. Strong sense of vocation – Duty and desire [suppress private ones]! Theme : National side, Roman mission, human labor Beginning o Goal: establish Rome o Embodies Roman virtues o Very labor intensive o Savage Juno (anger), God has its favorites and plays central role o Juno is enraged at Trojans (judgement of Paris [Trojan who abducted Helen, began Trojan war]) Beauty contest between goddesses o Gods want Rome to be major power vs. a god strongly opposed to such power Book One Epic simile!!! o Nature (sea storm) compared to a person and person is a statesman o Virgil says that good Roman politician can always remain calm
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Unformatted text preview: Venus questions if sons suffering will end Jupiter lays out fate and says hell place no limit on Roman empire Aenius wants to be dead, does not embody typical idea of hero Shift from Trojan to Roman o Idea of Trojans and transformation into Romans After sea storm has ended o Aenius addresses that one day, even after suffering, it would be worthwhile Dito Queen of Carthage o Takes Romans in o Venus and Juno plot for Dido and Aeneas to fall in love Book Two Greeks couldnt be trusted (Trojan Horse) o Priest warns they shouldnt let them in but snakes devour priest. Trojans interpret this as welcoming the horse! Priam tries to fight Prius but Prius is vengefully enraged because his son was killed o Just as Pompey! Aeneas leaves Troy Book Three Burden of history and how Romans lead with disastrous past...
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