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The Aemid - • Venus questions if son’s suffering will...

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The Aemid (Dactylic) Iambic hexameter – metric line of verse of six feet (standard classical Latin literature) Mission of Rome to become a world power. Virgil: Rome “fated” to have this power (nationalistic poem, not propaganda) Emphasizes human struggle and labor behind founding Rome. Strong sense of vocation – Duty and desire [suppress private ones]! Theme : National side, Roman mission, human labor Beginning o Goal: establish Rome o Embodies Roman virtues o Very labor intensive o Savage Juno (anger), God has its favorites and plays central role o Juno is enraged at Trojans (judgement of Paris [Trojan who abducted Helen, began Trojan war]) Beauty contest between goddesses o Gods want Rome to be major power vs. a god strongly opposed to such power Book One Epic simile!!! o Nature (sea storm) compared to a person and person is a statesman o Virgil says that good Roman politician can always remain calm
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Unformatted text preview: • Venus questions if son’s suffering will end • Jupiter lays out fate and says he’ll place no limit on Roman empire • Aenius – wants to be dead, does not embody typical idea of hero • Shift from Trojan to Roman o Idea of Trojans and transformation into Romans • After sea storm has ended o Aenius addresses that one day, even after suffering, it would be worthwhile • Dito – Queen of Carthage o Takes Romans in o Venus and Juno plot for Dido and Aeneas to fall in love Book Two • Greeks couldn’t be trusted (Trojan Horse) o Priest warns they shouldn’t let them in but snakes devour priest. Trojans interpret this as welcoming the horse! • Priam tries to fight Prius but Prius is vengefully enraged because his son was killed o Just as Pompey! • Aeneas leaves Troy Book Three • Burden of history and how Romans lead with disastrous past...
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