Titus Livius

Titus Livius - Settlements in Rome go as back as 1500 BC...

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Titus Livius – 59 BC – 17 AD Praenomen - forename Nomen - name Cognomen – with name Gaius [Praenomen, intimate] Julius [Nomen, family] Caesar [Cognomen] Marcus Tullius Cicero Genus – tribe, family Wrote 142 books, 35 survived [epitomes survived] Historiography – writing of history Ancient history – more like historical fiction rather than based on facts; speech of rhetoric ( persuade as much as to inform, instruct the reader (moralize), reassuring, entertain) “The study of history is the best study of a sick mind.” Rome’s moral decline – Romans obsessed with it Provide models of excellence and ideal Roman behavior Roman historians were given freedom to make up speeches – didn’t have to happen but had to be plausible Resources – other historians (by comparing, we know that the later historian was able to echo the earlier one closely), inscriptions, public monuments, archaeology, historical judgment (concern with truth) Foundation of Rome – 753 – Ab Urbe Condita
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Unformatted text preview: Settlements in Rome go as back as 1500 BC Originally separate villages (seven hills) 7 th century on grow unified city state Dominant cultural power – Etruscans (from Etruria [modern Turkey]) others from Latium and Campania- heavily involved in trade, especially w/ Greek- funerary mounds Aeneas flee Troy [fall of Troy in Trojan war] to Lavinium 10 year war for abduction of Helen Pietas – derives to piety – sense of duty to family and Roman state [not necessarily wife ] Trojans are victorious by use of Trojan horse [thought to be gift to goddess] Numitor – daughter is Rhea Silvia whom is raped and impregnated by Mars Romulus and Remis are twin sons – suckled by shewolf Faustulus is shepard who takes in boys Amulius is evil! Romulus kills Remis and Romulus becomes first king of Rome Rome begins to grow! Rape of the Sabine Women Needed women to increase Rome Seize women and make children with them...
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Titus Livius - Settlements in Rome go as back as 1500 BC...

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