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Law of Multiple Proportions: When two or more elements combine to form two or more compounds. The mass of one element combines with its partners in fixed amounts and are related by simple integer ratios. Atomic Theory: - Elements are comprised of atoms that are identical - Atoms of same elements have the same mass - No loss/gain of atoms (mass) during a chemical process Volume: - 1 liter of oxygen + 2 liters of hydrogen yield 2 liters of water vapor
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Unformatted text preview: -1 liter of nitrogen + 3 liters of hydrogen yield 2 liters of ammonia Same number of particles is in a given volume of gas Avogadros hypothesis Equal volumes of gas contain equal number of particles-Only holds true @ constant pressure and temperature (STP 273 K or 298 C) Law of Combining Volumes only works with gases not noble gases, liquids, nor solids!...
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