Redox Reactions

Redox Reactions - • An atom ion has an oxidation number...

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Redox Reactions Cu (s) + AgNO3 ? AgNO3 (aq) Ag+ (aq) + NO3- (aq) Oxidation Reaction o Cu (s) Cu2+ + 2e- Reduction Reaction o Ag+ + 1e- Ag (s) Net Ionic Redox Reaction o Cu (s) + 2Ag+ 2Ag (s) + Cu2+ o Electron transfer reaction! Rules for assigning oxidation numbers An atom in its elemental form has an oxidation state of 0.
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Unformatted text preview: • An atom ion has an oxidation number equal to its charge. • F is always -1 • O is almost always -2 • H is almost always +1 or -1. • Alkali metals usually +1. • Halides usually -1. Cu (s) + 2HNO3 (aq) Cu2+ (aq) + NO3- (aq) + NO2 (g) + H2O • Cu (s) Cu2+ + 2e-•...
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