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CO250/CM340 INTRODUCTION TO OPTIMIZATION - HW 8 Due Date: Friday March 18th, by 2PM, in the drop box outside the Tutorial Center. Late assignments will not be graded. Important information: While it is acceptable to discuss the course material and the assignments, you are expected to do the assignments on your own. For example, copying or paraphrasing a solution from some fellow student or old solutions from previous offerings of related courses qualifies as cheating and we will instruct the TA’s to actively look for suspicious similarities and evidence of academic offenses when grading. All students found to be cheating will automatically be given a mark of 0 on the assignment (where that grade will not be ignored as one of the two lowest assignment). In addition, all academic offenses are reported to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and are recorded in the student’s file (this may lead to further, more severe consequences). If you have any complaints about the marking of assignments, then you should first check your solutions against the posted solutions. After that if you see any marking error, then you should return your assignment paper to one of the Head Teaching Assistants within one week and with written notes on all the marking errors; please write the notes on a new sheet and attach it to your assignment paper. If you still have concerns after talking to the TA then please contact your instructor. Please USE THE COVER SHEET that is available at the end of the assignment. It is imperative that you indicate your full name and student ID (as we have many students with the same last name). Failure to use the cover sheet will result in a 5% deduction on the assignment mark. ————————————————————————————————————————- Exercise 1 (25 marks) . A directed graph ~ G is a pair ( V,E ) where V is a finite set and ~ E is a set of ordered pairs ( i,j ) or ij , where i,j V . Members of V are called vertices and members of ~ E are called arcs . A directed graph can be represented in a drawing where vertices correspond to points and arcs
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