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midterm-info - Upcoming midterm CO250 Tuesday 7PM-9PM(main...

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Upcoming midterm CO250 Tuesday, February 15 , 2010, 7PM-9PM (main session) CO250/Section 1, (Lastname: A-S): MC 4021 CO250/Section 1, (Lastname: T-Z): MC 4059 CO250/Section 2, (Lastname: A-K): MC 4059 CO250/Section 2, (Lastname: L-Z): MC 4061 The exam will be closed books, no calculators will be allowed. Students having a conflict with this time may write the exam on the same day from 5:00PM to 7:00PM in MC 1056. Such students must ask permission in writing (if they have not yet done so) describing their conflict in detail in an email sent using UW-ACE to their instructor and obtain the permission at the latest by Friday, February 11th. Note, If you attend the early session (5PM-7PM) you will have to stay until 7:10PM. If you attend the main session and arrive late we may not let you take the exam . The exam will cover all the material presented in class from week 1 to 6. This includes all the material in the course notes from chapters 1 and 2 with the exception of Sections 1.4 and 2.6. Section 2.7 was presented differently from the course notes (avoiding pivoting
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