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Why is it important for an organization to have an information policy? What are some important things an organization must consider when creating information policies? What are the roles played by data administration? Why is data administration vital to an organization? Every business, large to small, needs an information policy, the company’s information and important resources; you don’t want people doing whatever they want with them. You need to have rules on how the information is organized and maintained, and who is allowed to view the data or change them. The organization’s policy for sharing, disseminating, acquiring, standardizing, classifying, and
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Unformatted text preview: inventorying information, policies lay out specific procedures and accountabilities, identifying which users and organizational units can share information, where information can be distributed, and who is responsible for updating and maintaining the information. Data administration is responsible for the defined policies and procedures through which data can be managed with administrative resources. Organization’s will also have a database design and have a management group within the corporate information systems division that is responsible for defining and organizing the structure and content of the database, and maintaining the database....
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