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It is critical that businesses of all types ensure the security and control of their company systems and transactions with clients and vendors. What type of security breaches can cause harm to a business or its clients? Why is it important to ensure the proper level of security? What tools are available to businesses to prevent breaches? The types of security breaches that cause harm are hackers that give viruses and worms to a computer system and can take some time to fix and possibly not and have to reformat your system and you lose all your data, it’s a good thing to have a back up hard drive of a set of back
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Unformatted text preview: up disks either or they can keep you in business. Also losing client information to a hacker can put you in a lawsuit, and you could lose your business. The best proper level is depending on the type of information you acquired do to the seriousness in your clients’ interest they could also specify how much they need. There are several firewall software and client tracking programs; I would use as many as possibly to prevent any security breaches and client data loss, even to just make a good name for my business I would keep my own system impenetrable to outsiders trying to have a peek....
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