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it205 DQ1W7 - benefit your life Digital marketing can offer...

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Post your response to the following: How is e-commerce different from traditional retailing? What are the distinguishing features of digital markets and digital goods? What has been your experience with purchasing online? When you shop, do you prefer to shop online or via a traditional retail outlet? Why? The difference with e-commerce is that it offers at a wide range of services that traditional retailing can offer, e-commerce can let you look at products that are not sold in stores. Also you can use some different websites that you can store information on like your photos that you don’t want to lose or personal information. With traditional retailing you have to go out and deal with customer service and look for the items you want and they may be out of stock, when you purchase an item you still have to wait in line taking up valuable time that could be used to
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Unformatted text preview: benefit your life. Digital marketing can offer lots of different choices where you can purchase your items and they can be found at a cheaper price then you anticipated. I personally have not had a good experience, I was looking for a laptop battery so I clicked on the cheaper site and bought the battery, the website had the specifications correct but the battery was not, this I found out after buying the product. I prefer traditional shopping because some products you can research online, but face to face you are still getting customer service. When I go to buy computer parts I get great service and am dealing with trained professionals and get the correct items I want and have no problems....
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