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The benefits of having a enterprise system is to increase productivity, by communicating information through the company making it easier for businesses to coordinate their daily operations. The system keeps track of shipping and receiving down to the minute an order is placed, the order transaction signals the warehouse to pick the ordered products and schedule shipments. The warehouse informs the factory to replenish anything it has depleted. The ability to increase shipments, minimize costs, and increase customer satisfaction adds to profitability. The challenge of enterprise systems is to integrate the applications that are designed to
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Unformatted text preview: coordinate multiple functions of business processes. Enterprise systems integrate the type of internal business processes for a company into a single software system to improve coordination, the efficiency, and decision making. If a firm is spending too much money on the old fashion way of business or what they offer is not meeting the quota of what is ordered. Now they want to improve the structure of the company and advance into a global networking company. They are able to build an enterprise system, to improve the ever changing supply and demand....
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