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IT205 DQ2W5 - misuse of information also given that it...

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With any new technology that is developed, it takes time for ethical, social and political issues tied to that technology to be resolved. One example of a new technology used in business today for storing and sharing company knowledge and insights is a wiki. What are the ethical, social, and political issues that might arise through the use of a company wiki? What policies would you put in place in or organization’s wiki in order to address these issues? The situations that might arise could be misuse of the wiki system and I find they all tie up with each other. Any ideas posted on a forum can be deleted through an administrator mode to control
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Unformatted text preview: misuse of information, also given that it makes gathering perspective from the whole company or who uses wiki, is contribute to the company’s progressive involvement in transformation. I would put a strict guideline that there would be no foul language, if you were active in the system you can be dismissed by adding any information that could be used in an inappropriate way. The main goal is to advance the company, if you have a general idea post and wait for a response, and not to get upset if your idea/s are any good. Donald Button [email protected]
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