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1. In what ways are full-sentence outlines more beneficial than topic outlines? 2. Explain why it may or may not be simpler to write your paper instead of first creating a full- sentence outline. 3. What steps will you take to turn your outline into the body of your rough draft? Full sentence outlines are better in those essays which require some details in order to make the reader understand that what exactly is meant by the essay . Like in projects or research work teachers give full sentence outline of each and every topic clearly. In this he makes sure that he doesn’t leave out any point. It depends on the person writing the essay. It could be easier for that
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Unformatted text preview: person to just start typing it on their computer and it'll come out fine or to another person it may be incredibly hard to do so and would have to write down every step and sentence they would use before they typed it all up. In order to turn the full sentence outline into the body of a rough draft it would be important to ensure that all the full sentences flow and connect. Each sentence that will end a paragraph must flow into the new paragraph and this is vitally important in order to have a complete rough draft....
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