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What strategies do you use for revising a paper? How do you know when to accept feedback from another source? What makes feedback valuable to you? My strategy is that I use write point it is a very helpful tool in academic writing; it points out the flaws of your paper so you can revise. Plagiarism checker is also a good tool that finds your mistakes on not citing properly, I have found that it is important to check if you’re not sure what you’re putting in your paper from an author. When to accept feedback from another source is
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Unformatted text preview: always a good thing, the most important thing is that feedback can make you a better writer. Feedback is valuable to me because the only way for me to learn is to hear a different opinion about my work, you can take the information and use it or you can just blow it off if you think you know what you are doing. But I’m not afraid to say that I can be wrong, and feedback can tell you that you defiantly are wrong and it can change the grade you receive....
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