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Review the following Internet and University Library sources. Determine which sources are reliable and which are not. Explain your answers. Blog: Wiki site: Web site: Week Two Electronic Reserve Reading University Library articles located on the student Web site Reading through the Blog: website I found that it did not have any authentications posted and at the bottom of the page was a disclaimer about the site not being affiliated with Google and that you were at risk if you tried the at home money making program, to me it was obvious that the site was not a reliable source
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Unformatted text preview: just based on those facts. Following the link lead me to trust some information by having resources added to the bottom of the website, but it was missing citations from the Public Opinion section. I find that reliable websites should have citations to make sure that it is not falsified information, so I do not accept this site as a reliable source. Although the website was not pretty to read because it had a black background and white lettering, the site was informal and had great citation. The website was creditable by having the authors and dates given at the bottom of the page; I would have to say it was reliable source....
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