com220_week4_reading2 - Incorporating Statistics, Graphs,...

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Unformatted text preview: Incorporating Statistics, Graphs, and Illustrations Charts, graphs, statistics, illustrations, and other visuals strengthen and support arguments in your research paper in the following ways: By presenting data simply and clearly By presenting numerical relationships visually By capturing your readers attention Types of Visuals You may use different types of visuals in a research paper, including the following: Charts and Graphs Pie chart : Illustrates the entirety of something divided into parts Gantt chart : Displays a schedule or timeline as a bar chart Flow chart : Shows the order of steps in a process Example: Horizontal bar graph : Uses rectangular bars to compare two or more values Vertical bar graph : Uses rectangular bars to compare two or more values Line graph : Uses points to create a line in order to show comparisons Tables Purpose: Arranges data in rows and columns Example: See Ch. 1 in Axia Colleges Writing Style Handbook at Illustrations Timeline : Shows a sequence of events, such as historical or scientific events Example: Drawings : Conveys information that is better understood visually, for example, a political cartoon, a map, or a drawing to illustrate parts of a tool or a piece of technology Example: Pictures or art : Visually convey a powerful image Example: Selecting Appropriate Visuals You must use visuals sparingly to maximize their effectapproximately one to three visuals in...
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com220_week4_reading2 - Incorporating Statistics, Graphs,...

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