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Revising Your Research Paper To create a quality paper, you must revise numerous times by self-revising, incorporating peer feedback and instructor feedback, and proofreading. Revising a research paper is a little different from revising essays: The amount of research and the length of the paper require you to be more detail oriented. The following tips may help you become more effective at revising: Self-Revision What to Look for When Revising In the revision step, focus on the following questions and strategies: Assignment requirements: Did you fulfill all the expectations for the assignment? Reread the directions to be sure. Audience and purpose: Does your content take your audience and their skill levels into consideration? Have you fulfilled your initial purpose to inform, persuade, or convince your reader about a certain viewpoint? Content and organization: Does the overall organization of the paper make sense logically? Review your outline again, if necessary. As you read your paper, revise content where necessary. Rearrange words and sentences for a stronger affect, and rewrite passages that may not be clear. o Introduction: Does your introduction catch the reader’s attention? You can catch your reader’s attention in a number of ways: by telling a story, providing a shocking statistic or quotation, or explaining an interesting fact. Have you included your thesis statement at the end of the introduction? Have you avoided jumping right into the arguments (the supporting evidence for the body of the paper)? o Supporting details: Is each topic sentence thoroughly explained through the use of examples, reasons, facts, data, case studies, stories, and so forth? Have you taken counterarguments into account? Is your writing free of bias and fallacies? o Visuals: Have you included visuals that enhance your arguments and explanations? Is the information in the visuals adequately explained and clearly conveyed? o
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com220_week8_reading1 - Revising Your Research Paper To...

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