Dorfman Pacific Rolls out a New Wireless Warehouse

Dorfman Pacific Rolls out a New Wireless Warehouse - The...

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The problem with Dorfman Pacific is there is too much paperwork needed to process orders and disorganization. The pickers are spending too much time going back and forth through the warehouse receiving orders and moving the orders to the packing area to get boxed up labeled and loaded on the truck. One solution for the problem is to switch the business over to wireless technology. By doing this pickers could carry mobile devices that receive data telling them were to go, what to pick, and were to bring the merchandise using the most efficient route. Another solution for the problem is to have labels that are typed so they could be easily read. These could be put on all the products, and shelves. This would help a little more with organization in the warehouse. The best solution would be the wireless technology so the business then becomes organized and every item and location can easily be scanned to keep all mobile devices and IT systems in the office all on the same system to save time and eliminate temporary workers to save money and
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