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Week 5 day 7 Assignment - emoticon summaries More milk...

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Follow-up Questions 1. Based on the summaries you received by clicking on the emoticons, what did you learn about your daily food intake? Oh, I ate very bad today. I know I am horrible about the fruits and veggies and this day was the pits. Not one fruit and only one vegetable. Horrible on the fats but great on the cholesterol. I have no idea how but it was good. But I do contribute today’s meal to it being a holiday weekend and I plan on using this again to calculate more meals to see if I can make any improvements. 2. What recommendations were provided to improve your food intake according to the
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Unformatted text preview: emoticon summaries? More milk, fruit, vegetables and grains 3. How can being aware of your daily food intake help you achieve healthy eating habits? I think it will help to either maintain a healthy weight or achieve weightloss goals. I think using the options on the MyPyramid tracker are an excellent tool for weight loss. I think I am going to bookmark it on my computer to use in my next phase of dieting. I think it will give me greater success....
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