UofP - MBA580 - DQs - Week One - 08-28-06

UofP - MBA580 - DQs - Week One - 08-28-06 - MBA580 Week1/...

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MBA580 Week1/ DQ1 Thread/ Roberto Luft—Due by end of day 8/29/06 Week 1, DQ1 1. Has your company made any strategic decisions that have required or will require significant allocations of organizational resources, such as people, physical assets, or money (see Pearce and Robinson, p. 4)? Were these resources redirected from internal sources and/or secured from outside the firm? The company I selected is Stewart Information Services Corporation (SISCO) (NYS: STC), which is a real estate information and transaction management company. SISCO is the parent of Stewart Title Guaranty Company (STGC) and the grandparent of Stewart Title (ST) domestic and international companies. STGC provides underwriting of title insurance, while ST handles the direct and indirect management of title and escrow services. Their top three competitors are Fidelity National Financial (parent of Fidelity National Title), First American, and LandAmerica Financial Group (Hoovers, 2006). In 2005, Stewart Title combined Landata Systems, a 27-year veteran in providing technology solutions for the title industry, with Stewart Realty Solutions, a company formed two years ago to take online transaction management to the real estate, closing and mortgage industries. This merger was created to improve Stewart’s organization, customer-centric strategy, and focus to provide industry-leading e-solutions for the real estate transaction process. In order to accomplish this merger, Stewart Title redirected internal sources of human and financial capital to create the new company Stewart Transaction Solutions (Stewart, 2006). With keen focus on e-solutions and e-closings, Stewart Title developed (1) SureClose® online transaction management system, (2) the eClosingRoom™ electronic closing platform (developed by Stewart Title and Silanis Technology), (3) the AIM® for Windows® title production system, and (4) the TitleSearch® title plant, document imaging and search analysis systems (Stewart, 2006). These proprietary services exemplified Stewart’s strategic goal to increase market share, which required a strong financial and corporate commitment (Pearce and Robinson, 2005). Bottom line: Highly competitive businesses must achieve and maintain customer satisfaction (Pearce et al., 2005) which Stewart Title augments by a mission statement that proclaims, “Enhancing the Real Estate Transaction Process,” and a vision statement, “Magnificent Service by Inspired Professionals” (Stewart, 2006). References Hoovers. (2006). Stewart Information Services Corporation: Overview . Electronically retrieved August 29, 2006, from http://www.hoovers.com/stewart-information/--ID__14804--/free-co- factsheet.xhtml?
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UofP - MBA580 - DQs - Week One - 08-28-06 - MBA580 Week1/...

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