UofP - MBA580 - Week Six - Critical Success Factors Table - 10-07-06

UofP - MBA580 - Week Six - Critical Success Factors Table - 10-07-06

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Unformatted text preview: CPI phases and their benefits to a successful transformation program CPI Phases Benefits Effect on the Transformation Program Define Business Drivers Identifies business drivers and reason(s) for change early in the program. the foundati Identifies program champions and develops Architect & Align Align Transformation program goals with early alignment of the CPI initiative with the exis Ensures the organization’s business strategy. Vision Develop Identifies the key business drivers, organizationalof initiating performance measures. w Reduces the risk goals and Transformation programs Current State Understanding Provides a clear map of the existing processes and identifies potential areas for improve Identifies root causes and reasons behind process bottle Future State Design Defines the renewed processes Confirms the Business Case and develops the foundatioe and identifies required organizational assets needed to Road Map Development Defines in detail the Future State Implementation Road Map such as critical milestones a Reduces program management risks and identifies requ Execution Delivers the early and ongoing benefits of the Transformation program Delivers business objectives and secures the organizatio Continuing Improvement Initiate the required processes to improve, monitor and control the new and renewed pro Institutionalize steps and procedures needed to continuo and develops the foundation for organizational buy-in. e CPI initiative with the existing organizational strategy, and capabilities. ransformation programs without clearly defined performance measures . sons behind process bottlenecks early and the key features of future state processes. and develops the foundation for developing the Implementation Road Map. nt risks and identifies required steps to accomplish key milestones. nd secures the organizational buy-in. edures needed to continuously improve the renewed processes. ...
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