UofP - MBA580 - Week Six - Misc Charts - 10-07-06

UofP - MBA580 - Week Six - Misc Charts - 10-07-06 -...

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Key CSF Principles Publications that frequently report on strategies of American firms Business 2.0 http://www.business2.com/ Business Week http://www.businessweek.com/ Fast Company http://www.fastcompany.com/homepage/ Fortune http://www.fortune.com/fortune/ Forbes http://www.forbes.com/ Industry Week http://www.industryweek.com/ Red Herring http://www.herring.com/ Principle 1: Performance driven
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Unformatted text preview: Principle 2: Customer focused Principle 3: Traceable to the customer requirements Principle 4: Segmented along business process Principle 5: Integrated with organizational change management Principle 6: Conducted with a well-managed and timeline approach Principle 7: Understood as a continuous process Vision Customer Competition Mission Values...
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