Kush - Africa is the place where people first originated,...

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Africa is the place where people first originated, so African history goes back further than in any other place on earth. At first there were not very many people in Africa, and they lived by gathering wild plants and by scavenging meat that other, stronger animals had killed. Gradually they began using stone tools, and fire, and then hunting for themselves. Around 6000 BC , the climate in Africa (and other places) got gradually hotter and drier. The Sahara Desert was forming. It was harder to find enough food. Some people in Africa began farming to get more food. They probably got the idea from West Asia . But with farming the population expanded quickly. By 3000 BC, there were so many people in Africa that they started to form into kingdoms. The first African kingdom (and probably the first big kingdom anywhere) was in Egypt , where the Pharaohs built the pyramids . South of Egypt, along the upper Nile river, the kingdom of Kush (modern Sudan) developed too. Kush and Egypt traded with the Babylonians in Western Asia and the Harappans and Aryans in India. Around 1550 BC, with the establishment of the New Kingdom in Egypt, the Egyptians conquered Kush, and they ruled Kush for the next four hundred and fifty years, until the collapse of the New Kingdom in Egypt around 1100 BC. Then Kush became independent again, and by 715 BC Kush’s King Piankhy was able to conquer Egypt. But soon after this, West Asian people showed North Africans how to use iron to make weapons, and the people who knew how to use iron soon conquered the people who didn’t. About 700 BC, the Phoenicians conquered part of North Africa and founded the city of Carthage . In 664 BC, the Assyrians conquered Egypt . The Kushites learned how to make iron from the Assyrians, and they used their iron to become even more powerful than they were before. When the Persians conquered the Phoenicians in 539 BC, Carthage became an independent kingdom that ruled most of the Western Mediterranean. In the more fertile parts of Africa, the population kept on growing. By 300 BC, some people called the Bantu , who lived along the Niger river in West Africa, began to get too crowded where they lived. West Africa (now Nigeria and Cameroon) had fertile land in the zone between the
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Kush - Africa is the place where people first originated,...

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