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More Dance 1 pg - steady pattern breath irregular Weight...

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Appendices 1. The Elements of Dance 31 Space Body Awareness What? Where? Level high medium low Range near far big small Pathway in the air on the floor straight curved zigzag irregular Direction forward backward right / left up / down Focus fixed moving single multi Locomotor walk run jump hop roll climb slide skip waltz gallop Non-Locomotor bend push stretch pull twist rock swing balance melt shake Body Base standing sitting kneeling lying Place personal general Body Parts head shoulders legs arms elbows fingers wrists knees ankles toes Body Shape stretched curled twisted angular symmetrical asymmetrical When and How? Tempo fast slow increasing decreasing Duration long short Beat underlying pulse Accent emphasis Rhythm
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Unformatted text preview: steady pattern breath irregular Weight firm light soft strong weak heavy Flow free bound Quality sudden vibratory sharp sustained percussive erratic smooth explosive delicate collapse Time Energy Relationships With Whom or What? over through towards meeting copying alone around behind near / far matching contrasting gathering reaction canon under beside away from mirroring shadowing scattering action unison parting linking between connected in / out on / off simultaneous successive individual group pair objects and environments...
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