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Personal-Social-Cultural Perspective (Personal and Social Responsibility; Cultural Awareness ) Foundational Objectives Students will: z Behave in ways that are personally and socially responsible in physical activity settings. z Understand and respect differences among people in physical activity settings. z Understand that physical activity can provide enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, social interaction, work and leisure. The following concepts are the organizers for the content of this perspective: z respect for the rights and feelings of others z participation and effort z self-direction z caring about and helping others z using these values outside of physical education classes z work and leisure These six concepts, based on the works of Donald Hellison, D. (1995), Helison, D. (1985), provide guidelines to allow students to become more responsible. "Effort" and "Self-Direction" address the students’ responsibility for personal development. "Respect" and "Caring" address the students' social and moral responsibility for their relationships with others and as members of groups. The fifth concept focuses on the transfer of responsibility from the physical education curriculum to the lives of students in school, on the playground, at home and in the community. The sixth concept, "Work and Leisure," deals with the application of responsibility by students in the community and the workplace. The foregoing six concepts can be presented to students as a loose progression of levels they can work toward. The specific content and context for each of the levels advanced by Hellison that are employed in this guide, are as follows: Level I: Respect (Self-control) Students at Level 1 are able to control their behaviour so that they do not interfere with other students’ right to learn or the teacher’s right to teach. They do this without much prompting from the teacher and without constant supervision.
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Level II: Participation (Involvement) Students at Level II not only show respect for others but also participate willingly, even enthusiastically, in the learning experiences. They display a better understanding of the role of effort and persistence in improving, and an increased willingness to try new things and to participate in a variety of activities. Level III: Self-Direction (Self-Responsibility) Students at Level III not only show respect and participation, but they also work without direct supervision and take on more responsibility for their well-being. They are able to begin to develop and carry out a personal physical activity action plan in accordance with their own needs and interests. Level IV: Caring Students at Level IV, in addition to respecting others, participating and being self-directed, are motivated to extend their sense of responsibility beyond themselves by cooperating, giving support, showing concern and helping others. Level V: Outside of Physical Education
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Personal Cultural - Personal-Social-Cultural...

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