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Lou Nelson How to Write an Abstract (With Advice on Writing the Research Paper) From: Writing for the Social Sciences­­the abstract . (video) Insight Media. 1991. 800­233­9910 An “abstract” is a summary or paraphrasing of a work in the social sciences (economics, biology, psychology, history, sociology, and anthropology) and in other disciplines (math, “hard” sciences, law, etc.). An abstract’s equivalent in the film world is a writing that critically reviews the director, actors, and storyline, and that summarizes the plot. In the humanities, a summary carefully and thoroughly condenses a primary work such as a novel or poem, or a secondary work such as a journal article that relates to or criticizes some aspect of the novel or poem. In all disciplines, the summary or abstract is valued for the information it imparts quickly and concisely, and is used in preparation for and incorporated into research papers, books, and lectures. This handout you are reading is a detailed summary of the educational film Writing for the Social Sciences­­the Abstract . You will be writing something more brief—one­half to one page, double­spaced. The central point of the film is to tell students how to write an abstract, step by step, and to encourage them to develop a personal voice that accurately records and interprets the main points of a resource in the social sciences. While later in the work the speakers veer off into the
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Writing the Abstract - LouNelson English100&102 (Wit...

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