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1 Welcome to Using Sources in Your Essay z Essay – a paper you write for this class An essay or paper A personal writing A report A research paper z We’ll cover— How outside sources lend credibility to your paper Tips on citing sources Tips on adding quotes to your paper What to avoid in quoting sources This lecture gives you some basic pointers about using outside resources in your essays. Let’s use “essay” to mean any paper you write for this class, including an essay, a personal writing, a report, or a research paper in which you are asked to use outside resources to lend credibility to statements, or claims, that you make in the paper. You’ll also get some tips on what to avoid when using resources, such as exact phrasing when you’re doing a paraphrase. It might be helpful to have a piece of paper handy (or an electronic notepad) to jot down notes and questions as they occur. This presentation will also be available on the WebCT for this class. The lecture should take 20-30 minutes.
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