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Assessment material - Read Me for Assessments All quizzes are “closed­book.” Remove books papers and electronic devices from your desktop Once

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Unformatted text preview: Read Me for Assessments All quizzes are “closed­book.” Remove books, papers, and electronic devices from your desktop. Once you enter ANY online quiz, stay with it until you complete it. If you get "locked out" for any reason, contact your instructor. REMEMBER TO "SAVE" EACH ANSWER. Otherwise your answers won't be scored and you will have a “0” averaged into your next quiz score; thus, your second attempt will be the only score recorded in Blackboard. The scores from two attempts will be averaged. The questions will be randomized each time you open the quiz. Sometimes the order of answer choices will also be randomized. No quiz may be made up if you are absent, no matter the reason. Not having the text is not an excuse and will not be considered. The online quizzes lock a little while after class begins. Be on time to class! The first purpose of each quiz is to encourage everyone to do the reading is a closed­ book quiz meant to ensure that everyone is doing the reading so that group discussions can be meaningful and fair to all, and the second purpose is to help train students to read “closely;” as an essay is read, students should be annotating (making notes, highlighting, asking questions, etc.) to gain full understanding and recall. Diagnostic The diagnostic quiz, if assigned, is not counted in your grade for the class but is essential to complete. If your instructor assigns a diagnostic essay, read the instructions to know whether the writing will be graded. If you are assigned ANY diagnostic work, you must complete it to remain enrolled in the class. Quiz 1 The quiz is worth 20 points. It is a timed quiz. Before beginning the quiz, do the reading! You should know key facts and definitions from these reading assignments: Adios 14­22 (Style & Freighting) and 63­79 (POV); TWP “Silent Dancing” 110­120. Quiz 1A This quiz is worth 15 points. Adios 81­109 and TWP’s “The Joy of Reading, Superman and Me” provide the basis for this quiz. You will have about 20 minutes to complete the first attempt and reenter for the second attempt. Quiz 2 This quiz is worth 25 points. You will be considering key facts, opinions, and the thesis of two essays from TWP: "The Myth of Fingerprints" and "The Trouble with Self­ Esteem." I suggest you review the reading again before class. Quiz 3 The quiz is worth 30 points. Before beginning the quiz, you should know key facts and definitions from these reading assignments: Adios 23­28 (Telescoping); PWRP 1­15 Chap 1; Anecdote (from the homework/class lecture/handout); Lecture and PWRP 16­ 80 ­­ regarding library research & the Argument Essay prompt; TWP 1­10 (Intro) & 73­76 “The Joy of Reading.” Continued… Read Me for Assessments continued Quiz 4 The quiz is worth 30 points. Before beginning the quiz, you should know key facts and definitions from these reading assignments: ADIOS 110­115 “Quote Sandwiching;” PWRP Chapter 10 139­168; ADIOS 29­46. Quiz 5 Using Sources in Essays This is a graded quiz worth 20 points for the ten questions. It will be completed on your own at home. Read the PowerPoint handout in Lectures/Learning Modules under Argument Research & Writing called "Using Sources in Your Essay," and then take the quiz here. It is timed for 30 minutes. Once you begin the quiz, do not close the quiz until it is complete. You will be locked out after the second attempt. Do not exceed 30 minutes per attempt because you will be locked out. Quiz 6 The quiz is worth 30 points and draws on the readings from Adios pages 149­190 and essays "Ugly" (Learning Modules/Lectures ) and "A&P" (The Writer's Presence). You should especially review definitions in the Adiios readings, pages 149­171 and 176­ 190. ...
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