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Unformatted text preview: Lou Nelson English 100 How to write a Toulmin thesis statement for your essay 1. After conducting considerable research on a topic, try to think of several narrowly­focused problems or activist causes that exist in your subject area. Jot down questions that can be answered yes/no. Examples: Are people, the environment, or animals getting hurt? Why? Are tax­payers getting ripped off? Should marijuana­smoking be legalized for clinics that serve low­ income cancer patients? Should the citizens of Orange County demonstrate for its troops to be returned from Iraq? Should OCC invite a militant anti­American Muslim to speak on campus? Is quality education linked to teacher salaries and should California teachers’ salaries be raised? Why? 2. Next, think of who’s being damaged by this existing problem. (Qualify! Avoid claiming that the entire population is affected by the problem.) 3. Last, brainstorm the change you would recommend to fix the problem. 4. Finally, structure your thesis statement using these KEY WORDS: TOULMIN FORMULA: BECAUSE + (Qualifier), + SINCE, + SO + (should) “BECAUSE” : state the existing problem and its cause, as in, “Because X problem is caused by C….” + Qualifier : use words to qualify your problem statement, such as might, in many cases, few, rarely, if/then statements, etc. “Because X problem is frequently caused by C….” + “SINCE” : the value judgment—what does the injured party or group deserve? Who deserves the change you are going to suggest? Why? “…and since Y group deserves a proper X situation…,” + “SO” + should : your argument, your solution to the problem, using “should”. “…so C should be changed to N.” “…so C should be stopped by a change in….” “…so C should be prohibited by new legislation.” Putting it together—a Toulmin thesis statement example: Because X problem is frequently caused by C situation, and since Y group deserves a better situation, so legislation should prohibit C. ...
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