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Adam Mohamed General Psychology Five years. To some that is what? Ten percent of their life? To me that has been a lifetime of it’s own. I have been through deaths, hurricanes, relationships, and that’s only in the past two. I have developed both mentally and physically, with every intention to continue that growth in the future. This is essential since these past five years and the upcoming five are in my opinion the most important and crucial of my life. As I glance through the chapters of my psychology textbook, I noticed that many of the things we discussed can describe my life. And many things will essentially describe my life in the future. This isn’t opinion, but fact. The crowning moment of any teenagers life is the age of high school. But, not just any year in high school. Our comfort zone expands after our first year, and we really become either the loser geek or the funny and suave individual by our second. This is of course mindful of many things, but the most important part is the social events. What better social events are there in High School than parties? These hastily planned, largely illegally endorsed (no one understands the drinking age is 21 at parties, it magically gets reduced to 15) social contraptions are the breeding grounds for many psychological processes. Amongst the cacophony of loud, horrendous music and people just as horrendously dancing, one can actually pay attention to a conversation. Not just a raunchy story about that cheerleader, but a real mature (mature in High School is wearing a tie) conversation. This is sometimes seen in the context of the cocktail party phenomenon. With competing conversations swirling around one, the mind has the ability to select or focus on one single conversation. This can be more assertive with the notion of selective attention. This is the ability to focus on a single stimulus to the exclusion of other stimuli.
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I have had this experience many times at these “social interactions sessions” and even once I had an almost parallel thought process. In one of these weekly, even sometimes daily “meetings” I was carrying in a box of snacks and at the same time I was paying close attention to the Jets game on the TV. Now, granted I wasn’t exactly paying much attention to the walking since it was on “automatic” yet my attention was essentially divided between these two tasks. This was one of the many times I went into the junction of divided attention. Looking from now, to the age of 23, I can see myself using these two psychological aspects of consciousness in a different setting. As I progress in my studies and learning, of course, I see myself one day entering the field of law. This being said, I will most likely be put in social situations that are not wholly different than the one in High School (this time everyone is really over 21). During these interactions, I will need to network and gain a level of respect from my peers. Being in a crowded banquet or even in a busy law firm, I will have to be able to utilize this
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Psych final essay - Adam Mohamed General Psychology Five...

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