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Individual and Society SOCY : 320 Fall 2009 Homework Assignment Applying the Principles of Balance The primary purpose of this assignment is to provide you with some insight on the processes whereby social relationships form and dissolve. A secondary goal is to familiarize you with the concepts, assumptions, implications, and limitations of structural balance theory. As social beings we are embedded in an intricate web of social relations. In about three double-spaced, typed pages, you should select a personal situation and view it through the “lens” of structural balance theory. This may take the form of a living arrangement, a dating or marriage relationship, or a friendship that has gone awry. You should 1) discuss the main assumptions and concepts of structural balance theory, 2) provide a graph of the situation, 3) enumerate all relevant cycles in the graph, 4) analyze each cycle in terms of whether or not it is positive or negative, and 5) determine whether or not the entire situation is balanced.
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Unformatted text preview: If not, you should discuss ways that it might be changed so as to create a balanced state. You may also comment on limitations you encounter while applying balance theory to interpersonal relations. The assignment is due at the start of class on Tuesday, November 24 st . The policy for late paper (i.e., none are accepted) applies and is stated in the course syllabus. Your papers will be evaluated on several criteria: ( i ) demonstrated understanding of balance theory, ( ii ) the complexity of the personal situation you choose to analyze (you must analyze a situation of size 5 or larger) and ( iii ) the clarity and style of your writing. Other classes have found this exercise to be both enjoyable and enlightening. Have fun with this exercise!! Be creative in your application and think about how this very simple principle can have life altering implications....
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