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1st test review - Photography • Modern Era – Art...

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1 Test preview The test will be 40 - 60 multiple choice, true/false, matching type questions. Be prepared to answer one of three discussion questions on the research article on visual literacy. Be prepared to identify and define semiotic signs contained in a piece of persuasive communication. Intro to the field The world of the first look – Communicating symbolically Ways we use visuals – Substitute, Illustrate, Persuade, Beautify Levels of visual literacy – Explicit, abstract, anaylze, appropriate, create, communicate across media History Classical period Lauscaux, Summerians, Egyptians, Phonecians, Romans Age of Mass Communication Gutenberg, print technologies, eras, ie…Victorian,
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Unformatted text preview: Photography • Modern Era – Art movements and innovators 2 Videography • Why video for all communicators? – Democratization, – Who uses it • What makes good video – Ten guidelines to follow • Editing video – What editing does to improve the story Visual perception • How we see – Physiology of sight – the physical process • Psychology of perception – Gestalt – Semiotics • Elements of visual structure and their meanings – Frame, point, line, shape, form Readings • Read all of Chapter 1 and 2 in the book – Be sure to look at all visual samples and read their captions – Any other article postings on blackboard....
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1st test review - Photography • Modern Era – Art...

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