1st test review

1st test review - Photography Modern Era Art movements and...

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1 Test preview • The test will be 40 - 60 multiple choice, true/false, matching type questions. • Be prepared to answer one of three discussion questions on the research article on visual literacy. • Be prepared to identify and deFne semiotic signs contained in a piece of persuasive communication. Intro to the Feld • The world of the Frst look – Communicating symbolically • Ways we use visuals – Substitute, Illustrate, Persuade, Beautify • Levels of visual literacy – Explicit, abstract, anaylze, appropriate, create, communicate across media History • Classical period – Lauscaux, Summerians, Egyptians, Phonecians, Romans • Age of Mass Communication – Gutenberg, print technologies, eras, ie…Victorian,
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Unformatted text preview: Photography Modern Era Art movements and innovators 2 Videography Why video for all communicators? Democratization, Who uses it What makes good video Ten guidelines to follow Editing video What editing does to improve the story Visual perception How we see Physiology of sight the physical process Psychology of perception Gestalt Semiotics Elements of visual structure and their meanings Frame, point, line, shape, form Readings Read all of Chapter 1 and 2 in the book Be sure to look at all visual samples and read their captions Any other article postings on blackboard....
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1st test review - Photography Modern Era Art movements and...

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