lecture 2.1.10 Monday

lecture 2.1.10 Monday - A rabian Nights Entertainments ,...

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Arabian Nights Entertainments , Conclusions + Additional Contexts 1. “The Story of Aladdin” Theme: Worth is a measure of what one is, not of what one has o Evidence: the development of character (from wicked, idle boy to worldly, knowledgeable – and desiring – adult): Passage via the African Magician; Confirmed via overcoming three obstacles: desire, usurpation, revenge; o Resolution: Aladdin himself changes (intellectually, physically, morally); his external appearance reflects his interior worth: See this in love of people; of wife. Scheherazade points out lesson to King Schahriar: Aladdin’s = responsible use of the lamp: o He learns? Asks to wake her himself next day (p. 726); o By end has removed his decree (p. 892). Scheherazade has successfully 1. Reversed king’s initial idea about what women are; 2. Assured a more proper use of state power. Final Point : Arabian Nights itself concerned with power – a “carnival-esque” book that uses women, the poor, slaves – in short,
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the cunning of those on the margins – to expose hypocrisy, challenge tyranny, and remind rulers of responsibilities. In the “ Story of Ali Baba” the “fortune” mentioned on p. 764 is not $$$ but rather brotherliness and the cunningness of a slave. Transition
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lecture 2.1.10 Monday - A rabian Nights Entertainments ,...

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