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engl.283-Forster’s Passage3

engl.283-Forster’s Passage3 - Forsters P...

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Forster’s Passage to India , pt. III: Temple [Recall: the novel’s second – and main – section, “Caves,” begins with geological time and with a certain primordial quality associated with India and Marabar; it concludes with Fielding in Europe (Venice) amidst “the civilization that has escaped muddle” and “the spirit in a reasonable form…” (314).] I. Scene and Plot Action: pt. III moves to Mau (“hundreds of miles westward of the Marabar hills” (317)); we are two years on from where “Caves” left us: o A religious ceremony (Hindu), characterized as a “muddle (as we call it), a frustration of reason and form” (319); o Aziz now lives here, a doctor in the employ of the Rajah, an Indian (and a Hindu); Has no wish to see Fielding again (intimacy had been a “foolish experiment” (328); now entertains a “genuine hatred of the English” (329)); o Aziz meets Fielding and Ralph Moore coming out of part of a shrine (pursued by bees); is rude: But eventually gets on with Ralph, whom he calls an “oriental”; the two of them go out in a boat to view the religious festival: Their boat collides with a boat carrying Fielding
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