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THEA 200 – Spring 2010 Review Sheet for Exam 3 Miracle/Morality/Mystery Plays Quem Quaeritas Mansion and Platea Sophocles Aeschylus Thespis Euripides Aristophanes Aristotle Poetics Hamartia Choregus Roles of the Chorus Menander Theatron Orchestra Skene Parados Qualities of Greek comedy and tragedy Naumachiae Mime Pantomime Neoclassical Ideal Le Cid Controversy Periaktoi Ekkyklema Corneille Seneca Plautus and Terence Court Masques Public/Private theatre Golden Age of Greece City Dionysia Ludi Romani Dionysus Tragoidia Seeing Place Dancing Place Frans scaena Deus ex Machina Hypokrites Verisimilitude Old Comedy vs. New Comedy Academie Francais (French Academy) Cardinal Richelieu Hrosvitha
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Unformatted text preview: Boy Bishop Corpus Cristi Pageant Wagon Chariot and Pole Master of Secrets Lazzi Commedia dell Arte Zanni Raked Stage Decorum Purity of Form Neo-Classical Ideal Naturalism Satyr Plays Gladiators Be Prepared to answer questions from Winter’s Tale Vomitorium The Unities Feast of Fools Liturgical/non-liturgical/secular drama How religion played a role in theatre’s development The role of theatre in Greece vs. Rome Why did theatre decrease as a form of entertainment after Rome? How/why did the church use theatre? What entertainments do we have today whose roots spring from ancient times?...
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