Review Sheet - Exam 2

Review Sheet - Exam 2 - Arabian Nights texture color model...

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REVISED Terms for Exam #2 THEA 200 CHAPTER 7 through 10 in text Raked stage Silhouette Table-work Read-through Role of the director Broadway House Off-Broadway Off-off-Broadway What is the definition of design Technical Director Set Designer Sound Designer Costume Designer Costume Designer Objectives Lighting Designer Lighting Designer Objectives Wagon Revolve/turntable Ground Plan Gel Gobo Light Plot Willing Suspension of Disbelief Fourth Wall given circumstances stage picture technical rehearsal dress rehearsal run through previews stage manager dramaturg producer front of house line mass composition ** Be prepared for general comprehension questions about USC’s production of
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Unformatted text preview: Arabian Nights texture color model rendering stage manager property or prop(s) set dressing Elements of Stage Lighting cues blackout fade cross-fade trap door master electrician scrim building costumes Production concept Choregus Aeschylus Euripides Sophocles Aristophanes Cyclorama Functions of the Greek Chorus Conventions of Greek Theatre Reasons for Greek Theatre Greek theatre Dionysus City Dionysia/Dionysian Festival Greek Tragedy/Comedy Satyr Plays Dithyramb Tragoidia Thespis Ekkyklema Mechena Deus ex Machina Parados Theatron Orchestra Periaktoi Skene Hamartia...
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Review Sheet - Exam 2 - Arabian Nights texture color model...

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