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Review Sheet for Test 1 MATH 111 – 009 Test 1 will be Wednesday, Sept. 24th Test 1 will be over Sections 1.1 – 1.5, 2.1 – 2.7 For Test 1, you should be familiar with ALL of the following topics in chapters 1 and 2, including, but not limited to, the following: CHAPTER 1: Read and interpret data tables Visualize data FUNCTIONS! o Identify the dependent and independent variables in a function o Identify domain and range of a function o Identify intervals for which the function is increasing, decreasing o Concavity o Represent functions algebraically (in equation form), numerically (in table form) and graphically (on a Cartesian coordinate system)
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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 2: • Average rate of change • Calculate the slope of a line • Describe change over time using average rate of change • Putting a slant on data • Constant rate of change = slope of a line • Define and evaluate a linear function • Construct and graph linear functions and equations • (Sec. 2.8 a, b) Recognize and construct horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines • (Sec. 2.8c) Piecewise functions • (Sec. 2.9) Linear Regression Any of the online homework problems and quiz questions are possible test-type questions....
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