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Aristotle and Plato on forms Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle each held their own philosophies, as far as I understood, which are to be accounted for by their own beliefs and environment in the era of which they lived. While the work of Plato and Aristotle is clearly shown in their own writing, the work of Socrates has only been understood as described by Plato and Aristotle themselves. Socrates believed in a method of learning by way of pedagogy. In other words, he would repeatedly ask questions of his students in order for them to put deep thought into the questions, and come up with their own conclusions. He also believed that what was ethical was not what was stated by the gods, but what would ultimately benefit humanity. He encouraged people to ponder ethics themselves, and come up with what they thought was ethical rather than listening to others. Aristotle stressed gaining knowledge through experiment. He really believed in the scientific method as a way to gain knowledge, and stressed this with his students. Plato thought that in some way, "knowledge
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