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LN 2011_03_22_ online worksheet(1)

LN 2011_03_22_ online worksheet(1) - WORKSHEET ECON...

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1 WORKSHEET: ECON 1401_Lecture: Andreas Ortmann, 2011_03_22 DUE: BEFORE THE TUTORIAL (THIS WORKSHEET COUNTS TOWARDS YOUR PARTICIPATION GRADE). 1. What are the purposes, and uses, of experimentation (today)? 2. Explain what distinguishes a Dictator game from an Ultimatum game. 3. Intuitively, why might one expect Dictator offers to be lower than Ultimatum offers? 4. Empirically what were typical findings of giving in Dictator games and Ultimatum games in earlier studies? 5. Explain motivation, design, implementation, and key results of Cherry, Frykblom, & Shogren, Hardnose the Dictator (AER 2002). Specifically, explain which six treatments these authors designed and implemented. and to what extent these treatments led to different results. 5.a. What, specifically, was the key distinguishing feature of the E treatments (relative to the B treatments). What is the importance of that feature? 5.b. What, specifically, was the key distinguishing feature of the DB treatment
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